Dress Code Policy

As a learning community, we are committed to holding students to high expectations to preserve the learning environment at East Albemarle and prepare them for success once they leave us for future endeavors.  Students must wear clothing that is appropriate for school.  School is a child’s job, and they should dress respectfully for a learning environment.  Per the Stanly County Schools Board policy #4316, it is the discretion of the administration to enforce compliance and/or modify the requirements as needed.  This informational flier is NOT comprehensive of the entire policy; it will provide further insight on the areas that could cause potential issues related to the District policy.  All East families are encouraged to view the policy in its entirety

    • Appropriately fitting clothing
    • Tops should cover the midriff and other body parts that are not normally publicly exposed
    • No undergarments should be visible or exposed
    • Pants / shorts should fit on the waist (belted to fit appropriately) and not dragging on the floor
    • Leggings / yoga pants must be worn with an appropriate length top (slightly above the knee)
    • Jeans should have minimal rips / holes
    • Footwear that is closed-toe and closed-heel (to meet State Health regulations)

  • Students are NOT PERMITTED to wear:
    • Flip-flops, sandals, Crocs (or similar footwear)
    • Articles considered unsafe, dangerous, or that create a distraction to the learning environment
    • Offensive or obscene symbols, signs, slogans, or words
    • Language or symbols oriented towards promotion or advertisement of violence, sex, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
    • Short-shorts and/or mini skirts
    • Hats or other head coverings (sunglasses, visors, toboggans, bandannas or sweatbands) inside or outside of the school building during the school day; exceptions will be made for medical and/or religious reasons, and for designated occasions
    • Chains or other objects dangling from pants or from other items of clothing
    • Symbolic gang attire