Uniform Policy

  • Students must wear collared shirts (polo, blouse, dress shirt) – these can be ANY solid color
  • Shirts and blouses may bear a thumb size or smaller brand logo
  • Shoulders should be completely covered all times
  • Anything with a hood may be worn to school as a jacket.  However, the hooded garment must be taken off after entering the building prior to the start of school. Student will be allowed to wear the hooded sweatshirt for recess only - and will be asked to put it up once returning to the classroom.
  • Bottom wear shall be made of a twill-like material, corduroy, or dress slacks - DENIM (blue jeans) is NOT permitted unless it is a school sponsored dress-down day
  • Boys may wear shorts, cargo shorts, or pants
  • Girls may wear shorts, cargo shorts, pants, capri pants, skirts, or jumpers
  • Any solid color leggings may be worn under skirts, jumpers, or shorts
  • Yoga pants, Jeggings, Leggings without an overgarment or any other form fitting attire are NOT permitted
  • For safety, it is HIGHLY recommended that all students wear closed-toe shoes
  • Flip flops are NOT permitted
  • Tennis shoes are preferred - especially on days students have PE and/or Recess
  • School Spirit shirts can be worn every Fridays and for school sponsored field trips
  • Dresses or skirts must be knee length or longer
  • Socks may be any appropriate color or pattern
  • We will celebrate positive things throughout the year by letting students "dress down". Students who dress down must wear school-appropriate clothing as determined by Administration.